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Wangaratta Eyecare has your every need covered when it comes to optical and sunglasses. Our exquisite eyewear collection is truly home to something for everyone. With every piece in store hand selected by us, we are careful to ensure that we have everyone’s individual style catered to.

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Prescription safety glasses

Struggle to juggle safety glasses over your regular glasses at work to comply with OH&S practices?

The perfect solution is here in prescription safety glasses, allowing you the best of both worlds in clear vision with Australian Standard protection. Available in many styles and customisable in lens to accommodate your work conditions, you will never have to experience the two glasses battle at work ever again!

Children’s glasses

It is no surprise that adults and children differ when it comes to eyewear, not only in the obvious way of size. Size of course is an essential factor to get right, but also children’s eyewear needs to be fun and practical. To be a success, a child must want to wear glasses, thats why they come in all sorts of fun colours and patterns!

Children’s eyewear are made from robust materials and also often features anti-slip bands to prevent them falling off during play, head band straps are also an option.

See us for the biggest range of children’s eyewear in Victoria’s north east.

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