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Why is Eye Testing so important?

A collective 90% of all blindness or vision impairment worldwide is preventable and treatable.

A simple eye test has the power to uncover serious health conditions early. Before you even notice any changes in your vision an eye test can detect a range of conditions including; cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and more!

Routine eye testing

The key to maintaining your sight is through regular comprehensive eye examinations. Recommended every two years for those under 60, and annually for those 60 and over. Our optometrists complete thorough eye tests using some of the best testing equipment available. Meaning that your sight is kept at its best in our care.

Can’t remember your

last eye test?

Children's Optometry

The eyes are one of a child's biggest learning tools, due to this, much like the adult eye, it is essential that they undergo routine eye testing. Children are incredible at adapting and often won’t report issues with their sight. Common signs to look out for in your little ones include; squinting, frequent eye rubbing, sitting too close to screens and headaches.

Our experienced optometrists take utmost care to make testing as fun and inviting for kids as possible. Wangaratta Eyecare has a specialist testing room setup just for kids! This space is bright, playful and welcoming for you and your child. Within our children’s services we also offer behavioural optometry, a niche service that is focuses on the holistic nature of a child’s sight, it goes well beyond reading the letter chart on the wall, instead exploring coordination, distance focus, eye tracking, comfort and much more!

Myopia Control

Myopia is a condition that affects around 25 percent of young people Australia wide. Despite this number rising steadily over the years, myopia control technologies are forever advancing.

The impacts of myopia can be slowed with early intervention. We have a range of management options to counteract the effects of Myopia in sufferers, these include specialty contact lenses from world class suppliers (MiYOSMART® by HOYA, MyCon® by Rodenstock, MiSight® by CooperVision) and therapeutic eyedrops. We also offer Orthokeratology treatment a hard contact lens worn overnight that works to amend the shape of the cornea so that you see clearly during the day.

Expert Fitting

Selecting and advising on eyewear is truly an art, it is one that here at Wangaratta Eyecare we have been perfecting since our inception. We work hard to seamlessly fit you in eyewear that matches your lifestyle, prescription requirements and most importantly your individual style. Our aim is that you love your eyewear and leave our store with confidence in your new glasses!

Emergency Eye Care

Life sometimes has a tendency to not quite go to plan, that is why at Wangaratta Eyecare we are available when the unexpected happens. Foreign body removal, eye infection and inflamed dry eyes are all conditions that we cannot predict. However, you can rest assured that when you need care, you will receive it at Wangaratta Eyecare, simply give us a call in business hours to let us know what you are experiencing and we will have you assessed as soon as possible.